Lumivella Review – Does Lumivella Work?

Lumivella Review – Does Lumivella Work?

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As people gets older, there body will go through inevitable changes, and many anti-aging supplements are taking advantage of this displeasure and promote anti-aging supplements like Lumivella. It’s really amazing that in this age, there are products like these.



Lumivella is a dietary supplements which definitely makes consumers wonder that if this product really works. The makers ┬ástates that this product is a “missing link” in beauty science, which is something to be ridiculously strange and unclear. The manufacturer of this product is North Star Nutrition, which also produces a variety of nutritional supplements in the health industry.

The product website has a very long page of sales which has a goal of getting the costumer of spending a $70 on a Lumivella bottle. They also claim that it is the secret to an ageless beauty. They also say that the result can be achieved as fast as “overnight”, which is really questionable. The product also claim that this secret has been used by many for ages.

As mentioned in their official website, Lumivella’s secret ingredient (which is not secret at all), is called the I-GT. This compound works by neutralizing the free radicals, which are responsible for the aging process of the body. Other claims are too many too mention and often lacks scientific evidence and customer testimonials.

All products sold by the North Star Nutrition come with a guarantee of 60 days, telling people that not only to believe in their product but also to believe that you’ll get a refund. However, it was also stated that they will only refund the product if the bottle is still unopened.

If you are about to start using Lumivella supplement, you have to be prepared to continue using this product, because even though it only lived a half of those things it claimed, you still don’t want to go back in the way you are right now.

Lumivella Review – Does Lumivella Work?

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